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If anyone really really knows me, they know I LOVE clothes. My closet can barely hold all my shirts alone and my jeans are always neatly folded at the bottom instead of hanging. Yup, I’m crazy. So on this day, I decided to get rid of everything I hadn’t worn since high school. Baby steps. No more “oh but what if I wore this at a later time?” Nope, didn’t happen this time. It came out to about a bag and a half. My mom also came with me on that day and donated some boxes we had in the garage that were just taking up space. Hopefully some one will enjoy the stuff we donated. :)



I decided to get some of my boyfriends stuff together to donate (how nice, throwing his stuff out jk) but I did donate them to the goodwill near by, I’ll be clearing some space Thursday, not sure if it’s for my room or the kitchen. Most likely my mommas kitchen. A hour a day keeps the dust away!