My boyfriend and I decided to go and help his dad move. Jake is originally from Santa Barbara and moved to Stockton with me last year, it’s been a huge change for him, but it was either me move there or him move with me, and we ended up staying in Stockton :T Oh well even though Santa Barbara is BEAUTIFUL beyond measures, it just wasn’t working out for us there. Anywho we drove to Santa Barbara stopping at a few places including Pismo Beach (one of my favorite cities). Pismo Beach may be a small area, but it’s fantastic. Ah, if you have not been you MUST visit!

Anyways, here’s a few pictures from our road trip. The first day it rained so much I wasn’t able to capture anything really, but the next few days after that was sunshine! Anytime away from home I really take advantage of. I want 2012 to be filled with new experiences and excitements. I know everyone says that in the beginning of the year when they are doing their resolutions, but this is not just a resolution for me, it’s a must in my lifestyle. Stop thinking so hard about doing it, and JUST DO IT. I hate people who think and think and think and talk about what they want to do, when it’s like shut up, and just do it. Go do whatever you want. You’re only young once. Seriously coming from a person who has made it their goal to travel every year somewhere I’ve never been, it’s a great get away adventure. Or going to a place where you enjoy being. IE: New York City for me. I have been there only twice but I LOVE IT. I love the scenery, the people, the liveliness, just everything about it I love. I want to go back again this year if I could. Anyways enough rambling from me, here’s the pictures from my get away big adventure. Stockton to Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara to LA, LA to Stockton.

One of my favorite beaches in Santa Barbara is Butterfly beach. It’s in front of the Four Seasons, and it’s totally breath taking. Jake and I always always always go there whenever we’re passing by or staying in town. There’s this tree that we always sit under :)

- Florence